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#PEACE practice (Meditation) with Madelana Ferrara

Ongoing throughout the month 

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#PEACE practice dates 

Description: These sessions are 45-minutes in length.

Experience a variety of different practices in a small, group setting with each session being a different offering from simple, guided, present moment-practices to active practices to assist in releasing energy and actively quieting the mind. Each session is offered from a channeled state of awareness and with the highest intention to access the unbounded field of consciousness for greater peace and insight.

  • Sessions are $10 per person and you are welcome to drop in up to 15-minutes late or to leave early as needed.
  • Please enter and leave quietly. 
  • Cushions, blankets, chairs are available, but please feel free to bring your own. 
  • Space is cozy, so advanced notice of your plan to attend is helpful.
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CALL to reserve your place!  (973-900-1990)

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Private and Semi-PrivateClasses

14-16 Forest Ave. Caldwell, NJ – 2nd Floor


Private & semi-private sessions are available for Meditation and Yoga education.

How to schedule

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(973) 900 – 1990

By Appointment

Sessions of varying length (50 minutes to 3 hours) are available.

Private or semi-private availability (1 – 3 people).

  •  While going through the process of purchasing a house, couples WILL be put through many stressors and situations that will require that you work together and maximize your ability to accent each of your gifts and strengths while accommodating the other in the areas where they function least strongly. This class has been such a great gift to me during this time of demanding tasks and anxiety-provoking circumstances. The fact that once a week me and Ricky had to come together to teach this class was a real blessing. The practices that we did allowed us to keep finding new ways to work together as a team so that we could succeed in achieving the goals that were required to meet deadlines and to satisfy 3rd parties all throughout the process. In addition, the practices of stretching and breathing together helped us both to shift body and mind to much healthier and more steady states. Had we not had our Couple's Yoga classes, we would have been much more stressed and tense and likely we'd not have worked together as well as we have to move the ball along the court to the goal of buying our home.–Benefits of Couples Yoga by Maddi

I am available for group classes and presentations at your Corporate or Private Location. I have offered Yoga, Meditation, and classes on Stress Reduction for many years to a variety of companies. Those employees who participate find this service invaluable and consistently profess to be more productive, healthier, happier both at home and at work!

Contact me for semi-private and Private Sessions for any of the services that I offer.